Asahi - Bar of the future

In 2018 I entered the Asahi 'Bar of The Future' competition in partnership with graphic designer Amalie Charlesworth. Together we created the app 'Tab' which was selected as one of the finalist designs in the competition.

Tab is designed to enhance the bar experience for the user. Users can use the app to input data about their day, mood and type of evening they would like and the app will give them suggestions of bars based on their preferences. For example if someone wanted a date setting Tab would recommend them bars where other users are having this type of evening, in the contrast if you wanted a more bustley night Tab could recommend bars with this kind of atmosphere.


Tab can also generate users a drink based on their day and tastes, this can then be ordered through the app, ready to be collected at the bar. The Tab app can also generate colours based on the user and their day, this can then be used to meet like minded people, with your phone buzzing as you cross paths with someone who has the same colour.

The Tab app could be utilised by bar owners who can use the data collected by tab to see what the majority of their customers want from their evening and then adjust the bar accordingly. Utilising flat pack furniture bars can put out tables and chairs if more customers want a chilled evening, whereas if they want to dance and mingle they can put all furniture away.