Stash That Trash

Stash That Trash is a campaign to get people to protect our oceans and find value in items typically considered 'trash'.

It is an online sharing platform that encourages users to go on beach cleans and then make creations with the rubbish they have collected, whether it be a plastic sculpture or a functional object. 

Users are then encouraged to post photographs of their creations onto the platform to help inspire others.

To demonstrate I made some objects using rubbish I collected on a beach clean. The first is a scrubbing brush made from abandoned fishing nets, driftwood and tar.

The next is a choker necklace made from old fishing nets, and secured with a cable tie I found. The choker represents the effects that plastic pollution such as fishing rope and cable ties can have on marine life.

I made a paint brush using driftwood, tar, fishing rope and an aluminium can.

I also made a pencil case using mylar balloons, plastic bags and bottle lids.