The Plastic Hunter

For my graduate project I created ‘The Plastic Hunter’ a project designed to help tackle and raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue through a series of tools and objects.

As part of the project I created ‘Wilbert The Whale’ a whale shaped buoy that filters water for micro plastics. He is solar powered, spouts water and also makes whale noises. Due to his characterful nature, the public would hopefully be intrigued and become informed about what Wilbert is up to as well as the plastic pollution problem. Making him both a functional and awareness piece.

I also created the plastic hunter kit; a selection of tools based on traditional hunting and treasure excavating equipment but adapted specifically for collecting and inspecting plastic. The kit is designed for children to go out and collect plastic in their local environment so that they can see first hand just how big a problem plastic pollution is.

The kit comprises of a net and a sieve made from polyamide 6.6 (a material so fine that it can filter microfibres and plastics from water), a magnifying glass & magnifying pot for inspecting the plastics, plus a bag to keep it all in.

The Great Plastic Treasure Hunt

From my research, I discovered that people are more inspired to be environmental through fun methods rather than through education. Therefore, I decided to turn something that could be considered quite dull “ litter picking, into something fun by creating the Great Plastic Treasure Hunt.



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Here in the UK we have a big problem with micro plastics in our waterways, with the River Tame having the largest concentration of micro plastics in a river in the world. My aim is for Wilbert along with his friends (other characters from the book) to be dotted across the UK in rivers and seas  filtering the water for micro plastics

To accompany the kit I also created three enamel pins. The pins are designed to be worn as a 'badge of honour' making the children feel like they are part of a community of plastic hunters working to protect our planet.